Local Artists, Global Audience

Resorts, Restaurants, Residencies

Shorebreak Entertainment comprises of 3 separate departments:  a local agency for booking artists, a sound production and A/V team, and an events coordination team. 

Shorebreak Entertainment Agency specializes in building monthly residencies for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and venues.  We build an entertainment platform, catered to the tastes and approach of the venue (demographics, psychographics metrics considered), and provide consistent scheduling throughout the year.

Our Audio/Visual Department operates under the umbrella of Shapes of Sound Audio/Visual Design.  We provide A/V production for your corporate events, weddings, and private parties.  

The Events Coordination Team, formerly known as Better Wedding Music, is specifically catered towards special events.  With over 2000 events in the past 12 years, our consultant team, partnered with the best planners in your area, help facilitate, plan, and execute your events on property.